An ordinary demon with an extraordinary job

Artist / Autor Nadi-Chan
Released 17.01.2016
Genre(s) Fantasy, Action, Drama, Adventure

Ken is a ordinary demon boy in the world of Agaren. He leads a life like everyone else. He has a job, earns money, pays rent etc., but he has a very different job, in contrast to other demons. Thanks to his skills, he escort his clients into other worlds and accompanies them, until they have reached their destination. One day a really strange demon appears and he wants to visit the human world, which can be visited only under certain circumstances.


Name Ken
Gender Male
Birthday 13.01
Species Demon

More about Ken is coming soon!

Name Lyra
Gender Female
Birthday 21.12
Species Demon (Archdemon)

More about Lyra is coming soon!

Name Yuro
Gender Male
Birthday 23.04 (46 years old)
Species Demon

More about Yuro is coming soon!

Name Kai
Gender Male
Birthday 26.01
Species Human

More about Kai is coming soon!

Name Anubis
Gender Male
Birthday 20.03
Species Demon?

More about Anubis is coming soon!