Drawing Contest "Hichi-Edition"

Okay Guys! I'm starting my second Drawing Contest! I think the title explains everything.

This Contest is about my favourite OC, Hichi Nagatsu. I love him so much, I can't express how much I love him. And that brought me the Idea of doing a drawing contest about him! Of course, you guys can win something too!!


Depending on how many people will join there will be a Big Prize, A Medium Price and a Small Price.
Only 1 Person can win the Big Prize. As mentioned before, depending on how many people join, the medium and small prize winners can change,.


  • 1 Winner) Big Prize:
    + 1x digital fullcolor drawing  (max. 3 Characters, Fullbody) --> This drawing, printed on high gloss paper as poster (DIN A4)
    + 1x digital fullcolor drawing (max. 1 Character, Fullbody) which will turn into Merchandise, only for you. (As example, Sticker, Bookmark, Acylic Keychain, Laminated Charm)
    + 1x fullbody Chibi drawing!
    + 1x Custom Adoptable that I design you (Full or Chibi, can also be from my species Akairavess or Shibakai)
    + 4x Merchandise product from my Shop (Small and Light, not bigger than DIN A4)


  • 1 Winner) Medium Prize:
    + 1x digital fullcolor drawing (max. 2 Characters, Halfbody)
    + 1x sketch with simple color (max. 1 Charakter, Halfbody)
    + Simple A5 prints of your drawings.
    + 2x Merchandise product from my Shop (Small and Light, not bigger than DIN A4)


  • 2 Winner) Small Prize:
    + 1x digital drawing in doodle style (max. 1 Character, Halfbody)
    + 1x digital sketches with simple color (max. 1 Character, Headshot)


A headshot sketch will be raffled among all participants!


And? Sounds Interesting? :^) If you win, please be patient, since I have to draw a lot for all the winners!

Then I will explain now how you can join!


► What do you have to do?

  • Draw my OC Hichi Nagatsu! It's up to you, in which form you draw him.
  • + You can also draw him together with his girlfriend Yuki Kumoro (and if you want, Yuki's Dragon Shadow, below I will explain their relationship)
  • It's up to you, if you only draw a sketch or a full colored drawing, a pixel drawing or an animation.
    Digital or traditional art, it's up to you! The more effort you put into your drawing, the better chances you have!

Other informations!

  • You can draw as much drawings as you want! More drawings brings + points of course!
  • Send your Contribution at my email "nadismangastuff@gmx.de" with the subject "Hichi Drawing Contest". Add your Artist Name and Website please! (As example, deviantArt or Facbeook).
  • I will upload all Contributions on an extra page below this one. It can take up to 7 days until your drawing gets uploaded. If your drawing isn't uploaded after 14 Days, message me!
  • Of course you can upload your contribution on any Website! But Credit me as owner of the Character and maybe Link back to the contest. 
  • Deadline for this Contest is the  1 August 2017!
  • You can also join with old drawings, I you have ever drawn Hichi before.

Now I think I've mentioned everything important for the contest! Now I will give you guys more Informations about Hichi (and Yuki and Shadow)!


Hichi Nagatsu

Character Sheet:

Name: Hichi Nagatsu
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 10.10
Year of Creation: 2009/2010
Relationships: In a Relationship with Yuki Kumoro
Normal Form: Shy, Sensible, Friendly, Gentle, Fearful, Clumsy, Brilliant
Second Form: Reckless, Rebellious, Wicked, Fearless, Dangerous, Aggressive
Height: 1,70 cm
Eye Color: Red
Likes: Yuki, Reading, Animals, Learning, The Human World
Dislikes: Demons, The Other Worlds, Fighting, War, Horror Movies
Occupation: Reincarnation of Death
Talents/Skills: Photographic memory
Weapons/Fighting style: Scythes at his Arms and other Scythes, which he can summon, Skeleton Of Death (Amygdala)


Hichi was born as human, not knowing that he is actually the reincarnation of death. After he goes to the world of the shadows, together with Yuki, he finds out his true identity and purpose.


In his human form, Hichi is a calm and shy boy. He likes to read books and since he has a photographic memory, it's very easy for him to remember stuff. Since he is very shy, Yuki mostly kisses him. She was also the one, who kissed him first, when they had their first kiss.


Hichi can't control himself in his second form. The first stage of his second form are the marks on his body and the change of his eyes and his expression. He has such a strong Aura, that it's hard for some people to stand on their legs. In his second stage of his form, scythes grow out of his arms. Most people collapse under the strong pressure of his Aura and also the ground begins to crumble.

He can also summon other scythes, no matter where (ground or air) and he can also summon parts of Amygdala (also called the skeleton of death, it's a very big skeleton, covered in muscles and blood).


Since he can't control himself in his second form, he often hurts his friends, even when he only want's to protect them. Once he almost killed Yuki. Only Yuki can calm him and bring him back to his normal human form. Mostly hugs or kisses bring him back to normal. In bad chases, she gets stabbed by Hichi.

All these situations made Hichi mentally unstable. He easily switches, unwilling, in his second forms.

Emotions such as Anger and Fear can bring him into his second form. Or when his friends, mostly Yuki, is in danger.


When he is hurt, his injuries heal within seconds. Bigger injuries begin to smoke to heal. He can grow back whole limbs of his body, when they were cut off.

Hichi Gallery (Click for bigger Images)

Yuki Kumoro and Shadow

Character Sheet:

Name: Yuki Kumoro
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 01.01
Year of Creation: 2009/2010
Relationships: In a Relationship with Hichi Nagatsu
Personality: Carefree, Cheerful, Clumsy, Self-confident, Helpful, Proud, Brave, Energetic
Height: 1,67 cm
Eye Color: Blue (Red)
Likes: Hichi, Sports, Fighting, Food, TV, Japan, Dragons
Dislikes: School, Learning, Cats, Rain, Thunder
Occupation: Queen of Shadows
Weapons/Fighting style: Magic, Katana


Yuki was also born as a normal human, but she is actually the queen of shadows and a demon. She is very carefree and sometimes clumsy. But she is also very self-confident and brave. She likes to fight and train together with her dragon Shadow. She doesn't really like earth that much anymore, because of school and learning.

She mostly fights with her Katana or fire magic.


She always cared about Hichi and so she was always worried about him. She tried to protect him, whenever it was possible for her.

Compared to Hichi, Yuki can control her demonform and her personality doesn't change much. When Hichi loses control, she always tries to calm him down and bring him back to normal.

Character Sheet:

Name: Shadow
Gender: Male
Year of Creation: 2009/2010
Personality: Arrogant, Brilliant, Calm, Leader, Loyal, Mature, Proud
Height: Probably around 5 m but he can change his size
Likes: Yuki, Fighting, Flying
Dislikes: Hichi, Humans, War


Shadow is Yuki's companion and friend. He and Yuki are best friends, even when they are pretty different. He likes to train fighting and magic with Yuki.

His Relationship to Hichi isn't the best. He doesn't like Hichi much, since he is pretty weak and he has no interest in joining a war or training. But, Shadow is actually scared of Hichi's second form and mostly tries to avoid him in this form.

Yuki and Shadow Gallery (Click for bigger Images)