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Here I show you a couple of Color/Outline/etc. techniques for drawings! You can use this exactly for your drawings - but you don't have to, these are only tips. I'ill make color, sketches and outline / lineart tutorials. If you still have something other you want as an tutorial, please write me a message or write a comment in the guestbook!. I hope my tutorials can help you a bit x3 ♥

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Part one of the Sup Guy Tutorial ~ Here i show you, how you draw a normal Sup Guy in a few steps! You dont have to draw him, how I do, these also can be only tips for you <3

Have fun with the Tutorial, message me if you have any questions.



Program used: Paint Tool Sai

Steps: 6

Extras?: Yes

Sup Guy Tuto. P. 1

Sup Guy Tuto. P. 2


Second Part of the Sup Guy Tutorial~ Here i show you how you can color your little friend <3 i'll give you my color palette, but of course you can use your own colors too!



Program used: Paint Tool Sai

Steps: 8

Extras?: No