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    Nadi-Chan (Donnerstag, 20 Juli 2017 16:36)

    Thank you everybody for all the nice comments!! ;u; Don't forget- I always read your comments <3

    Hey there! There are indeed many other characters in Hichi's World / Story. (FOR NOW) there are overall 10 other characters, sadly I don't have a fullcolored-up-to-date-sheet for everybody of them yet o(---( I can only give you dA links, if it helps you?
    There are single "groups" in the story, which means these people mostly belong to each other. Overall they are still in the same story, world and speak to each other, but yeah there are groups XD

    Group A:
    Fait (right):

    Group B:
    Rin (the guy on the right , next to kuro, white hair):

    Group C:
    Hichi: x
    Shadow (top):

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    Graves (Donnerstag, 20 Juli 2017 04:25)

    Hello Nadi~!!

    I know I'm super late on this (I'm always last minute on everything I do lol--) but are there any other side characters in the universe of Hichi Nagatsu? Or any particular settings for their storyline??

    I plan on making a huge drawing showing as many characters as possible, including side characters if possible, like a huge "book cover" in a sense (except not really).

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    gg (Montag, 17 April 2017 14:20)


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    yoru-san (Montag, 03 April 2017 09:01)

    I've always looked up to you and I inspire to become a better artist because your work is so inspiring, I truly wish to finally settle on a style i am proud of! over the course of me getting my Huion tablet I've been growing and getting better at my art and each time i go to give up i end up looking at your art and getting inspired to work again. Sincerely thank you for inspiring me so much and I do plan on entering your contest! Thanks again!

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    Blind Forest (Montag, 06 März 2017 21:28)

    Your art is really cute and you can see an Improvement in every of your pictures ❤❤

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    Opposite (Donnerstag, 08 September 2016 02:16)

    Hey Nadi! I just want to say that you've always been a huge inspiration to me (Got me into Crycest ///w/// heheh) But anyways, your art is so adorable and cute, I have always had a fun time reading the comics you drew also. I have tried more things ever since I saw your drawings either digital or traditional. I hope you have a wonderful day and I'm excited to see more of your works on either comics or just drawings! Thank you! :3

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    Ninx (Samstag, 03 Oktober 2015 02:53)

    dang. this was an awesome manga so far. keep up the good work! and i hope you success. if no one appreciates how much work and effort you put into your work. there really is something wrong with the world. i wish you luck with your future fangirls/boys

    ~Ninx-sama :D

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    AriusKill (Samstag, 02 Mai 2015 08:24)

    when you finish chapter 3, it's really cool manga
    be the way can you draw my oc Lukas Kasasagi, please

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    NothingButFear (Sonntag, 19 April 2015)

    I sent you the mail under contatcs.

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    NothingButFear (Donnerstag, 16 April 2015 14:31)

    Hey sorry for asking such stupid questions but where do I tell you the e-mail (here or somthing like contants you have under home) and do I you even need it. I don't know if I'm blinde or stupid becuse on the 15th of april I noticed that under gallery you have tuturials (well 2). Where they there before?
    Alsow I read your manga it's good. You left a good clifhanger on chapter 2.
    I think I chose the wrong time to look at your drawings becuse they won't get out of my head and they want me to inprove my drawing. The problem is that I don't have time I have to sudy for like 3 tests make 2 presentation (for 1 I have to read at least 2 books), got to finish my site at worpress for a grade and much more. But I don't think I made a mistake ^-^

    As always sorry for the long texts,stupid questions and for bothering or annoyng you.

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    NothingButFear (Dienstag, 14 April 2015 22:36)

    Well at least someone is geting a good laugh out of this and I was worrying that I ruind your guestbook. By the way this is a question not a critic this site is english yet there are alsow wods like pflichtfelder (duty or nesecery) and senden(send) why iss that? pleas corect me if I'm translated that wrong becuse I am teribal at german. Is there a trick to understanding it? (I'm not very good with languges).

    Shulde I give you my gmail (has my real name and surname in it) or my hotmail or both (I check the gmail more times than hotmail)?
    Sorry I know this is a stupid question.

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    Nadi-Chan (Dienstag, 14 April 2015 21:34)

    @NothingButFear Haha dont worry I will take care of that later :'D
    And no dont worry you wouldnt annoy me (^-^) and ur not bothering me dont worry xD you could give me one of your emails so I can mail you if I upload Tutorials ovo

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    NothingButFear (Dienstag, 14 April 2015 20:11)

    sorry for 2 posts it was a problem with the internet and it posted twice.

    I am really sorry

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    NothingButFear (Dienstag, 14 April 2015 20:10)

    Thanks for responding so quickly.
    I really apreciate it. I was thinking of sugesting that you could start doing tutorials to help others with drawings but I didn't want to annoy you.
    Alsow I noticed that you avoid the shoes but when I found pictures with shoes are still better that mine. If you start doing toturials tell me (I coulde check the guest book evrey so often or you can tell askwhitewolfviolet to tell me(sorry if she is bothering you to much (manga or other wise(alsow sorry if I'm bothering you)) or I coulde give you one of my emails (I have a hotmail for school and gmail for personal (well both of them are now more or less personal)) Sorry again for the long texst and for annoying or bothering you

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    NothingButFear (Dienstag, 14 April 2015 20:09)

    Thanks for responding so quickly.
    I really apreciate it. I was thinking of sugesting that you could start doing tutorials to help others with drawings but I didn't want to annoy you.
    Alsow I noticed that you avoid the shoes but when I found pictures with shoes are still better that mine.
    If you start doing toturials tell me (I coulde check the guest book evrey so often or you can tell askwhitewolfviolet to tell me(sorry if she is bothering you to much (manga or other wise(alsow sorry if I'm bothering you)) or I coulde give you one of my emails (I have a hotmail for school and gmail for personal (well both of them are now more or less personal))

    Sorry again fr the long texst and for annoying or bothering you

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    Nadi-Chan (Dienstag, 14 April 2015 19:47)

    @LeddyLostaLova1122 and @Kara-Chan-Is-Bored
    Thank you so much <3

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    Nadi-Chan (Dienstag, 14 April 2015 19:44)

    Hey @NothingButFear !
    Answers for your questions!
    1. Yes I use a website tool page called Jimdo but some parts are written with HTML (^_^) ( )
    2. A shoes- I prefer to not draw them because I cant. And steps? I always start with the parting of the hair and then just draw the rest :'D I cant explain it but I wanted to draw a tutorial anyway maybe this can helpy you better later! :3

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    NothingButFear (Dienstag, 14 April 2015 19:32)

    I really like your art (checked it out on deviant art). I have 2 questions for you. How did you or the persone that designed the site (wich computer langueg(like html ...) or site on internet(like wordpress...)? I the site is very good looking. Alsow the second question is what are the steps things you folow when drawing anime hair and shoes (I usaly try that and ajust it to my own style of drawing if it works out other wise I drop it and I want to inprove the hair I draw)? Sorry for the long text. Alsow I just notice the (Is that what you use).

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    LeddyLostaLova1122 (Montag, 13 April 2015 04:35)

    >-< Oh mien Gott. Your manga is straight up the bomb. Beats any other manga a read...(Not really Q_Q) But it's SO amazing that you're doing this all on your own. I'm veddy proud.

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    Kara-Chan-Is-Bored (Donnerstag, 09 April 2015 23:36)

    i really love your work! :3
    I draw too but its not as good as yours XD

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    Nadi-Chan (Montag, 06 April 2015 16:47)

    Thank you all so much btw. :D

    @dacnomaniacat Hey!

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    dacnomaniacat (Sonntag, 05 April 2015 19:36)

    Hey! o/

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    Loop (Montag, 26 Januar 2015 10:16)

    Just one of your fans :'D Love your works so much

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    FlyingMintBunny993 (Sonntag, 04 Januar 2015 15:11)

    How does one art like thee? I meant that in a good way :3

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    MochaCake (Samstag, 13 Dezember 2014 15:54)

    Nadi chan I'm one of you followers and I just wanna say I love your drawings there wonderful! :0)

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    Conleylove (Donnerstag, 13 November 2014 19:01)

    I came upon your site from your DA. I follow you on there and I just wanna say I love your art and you are just amazing **\(^u^)/** -throws flowers at you-
    And Yup x3
    So long!~

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    NightOfArt (Donnerstag, 25 September 2014 10:47)

    Just a quick this to say that I love "Everlasting" and I probably check to see if there are updates way to often. ^^

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    gamealchemist214 (Dienstag, 26 August 2014 04:32)

    The new website layout is AWESOME SAUCE u v u

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    nyandesu (Freitag, 15 August 2014 00:16)


    Hey there Nadi! I just wanted to say that I love your work and I hope to one day be able to draw like you. You're awesome!

    Stay cool,


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    SkySpirits (Mittwoch, 23 Juli 2014 20:53)

    Why not leave you a message? Xp

    I just wanted to say, it´s awesome having a fellow Crycest Lover around. It keeps the Pairing alive. <3

    I love your art, and you really inspire me to practice at my own skills.

    Thank you~


    Have a great day. XD

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    TheVikingOwl (Sonntag, 08 Juni 2014 21:00)

    Hey Nadi-chan!
    I really really like this website of yours! You're drawings are as awesome as always. So. . . keep pn the the great work! And please don't stop with your great Manga and don't stop drawing the youtuber with the best voice: CRY

    Here's a little Cry for you: °-----°

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    Clay (Samstag, 07 Juni 2014 07:15)

    Damn, I wish i could art like you. Cool stuff you got here. You're a great artist. Hope you keep it up cause you got a good thing going here friend. Just saiyan

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    Ama-chan (Samstag, 07 Juni 2014 07:06)

    I've been following you on DeviantArt for a while and just want to say that I love your art and I hope that it's something you want to pursue in! You are amazingly talented! I really enjoyed the first few pages of the Crycest; Everlating manga and am expectantly waiting for more! Anyways, I just really wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us and inspiring me to become a better artist. Thanks Nadi-chan! あなたは素晴らしいです! ^ . ^
    P. S. This font is AMAZING! LOL

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    Nysia (Samstag, 31 Mai 2014 01:17)

    I love this website! You amaze me! And for now... I look up to you and your drawings. I also just followed you on Twitter. Thanks for reading Nadi. Bye

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    KuroChi (Mittwoch, 21 Mai 2014 05:20)

    Nadi If u do look at this please go to me deviantart "KuroChi99" and look at what I drew for u u don't have to comment I would just like it if u looked at it ^-^

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    KuroChi (Mittwoch, 21 Mai 2014 05:10)

    Hey I drew one of your pictures for yah cause I thout it could be the least I could do since your bringing out such great pic and manga (some colouring is abit off cause I did it by hand)

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    MURDEROFCROWS (Mittwoch, 21 Mai 2014 02:06)

    Hey Nads! Love ya girl!! XD Goodluck with your crycest project! And keep drawing! I love your art~

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    Leonie (Sonntag, 18 Mai 2014 17:56)

    Tolle Seite! Ich find es echt cool, dass du auch patterns zur Verfügung stellst ^^ Den Manga finde ich auch sehr interessant und ich freue mich schon auf das neue Chapter. Mach weiter so und liebe Grüße aus Hamburg ;D

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    dragonwolf1 (Donnerstag, 06 März 2014 16:48)

    Wollte nach laaaannnnggeeerrr Zeit mal wieder ein paar Grüße hier lassen! ;)

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    nimi (Donnerstag, 09 Januar 2014 19:31)

    hi wir hirorbn sind umgezogen bitte ändern auf

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    bluesakura (Donnerstag, 10 Oktober 2013 00:41)

    Eine sehr schöne Seite, die Bilder gefallen mir sehr!
    Wirklich toll ^w^

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    Chomisaki (Donnerstag, 03 Oktober 2013 22:38)

    deine seite ist einfach nur cool und deine bilder sind total schön.

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    Allison (Sonntag, 15 September 2013)

    So , hello! I'm just here to say hi and have a great life! :D
    Okay , I know that's really a stupid thing to say xD but I can't think of anything else! Also , I watched you already in dA and always admire your drawings! :DD

    Not only your drawings but your other stuffs too! I just hope you can make a tutorial how you draw :)

    Have a great day~

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    Ever (Mittwoch, 14 August 2013 00:18)

    I watched you on DeviantArt nd I mus say hat I REALLY love your art style,coloring and more! <3 Just let me ask where you get your coloring tools from? Meaning, what are they called? o3o I have been meaning to improve my drawing skills as well as my coloring skills. ^^; Thank you! <3

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    Kajsa (Sonntag, 11 August 2013 22:16)

    Ich liebte Ihre Kunst auf DeviantART! Und dann sah ich Sie ein YouTube und eine Website! ^ ^ Its awesome! <3

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    MiracleBeatSese (Sonntag, 07 Juli 2013 21:48)

    Tolle Seite! :3
    Und das Manga-Dings ist echt super, super hilfreich ^^
    Vielen Dank, dass du das mit uns teilst!
    Deine Bilder sind einfach nur klasse :)

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    ♥ あまや ♥ (Mittwoch, 13 März 2013 21:30)

    Wow, deine Seite ist so schön *-*

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    Madleena (Samstag, 02 März 2013 12:36)

    Wow :)
    Deine Seite ist echt toll :)

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    Plinfa (Samstag, 02 März 2013 07:18)

    Hallo Nadichan, Plinfafans ist wieder ONLINE!
    Wie gehts dir? Ich hab ein neues Asus Notebook gekauft mit dem ich jetzt Plinfafans regelmäßig update, außerdem versuche ich mein PC mit Windows 7 Home Premium zu rebooten, so das ich auch dort mit einer besseren Auflösung arbeiten kann. Ansonsten hat Plinfafans jetzt ein NEUES Layout, bitte schau es dir an und schreib auch mal ins Gästebuch, sonst hat Plinfafans Schwarz Weiß 2 fast fertig, wird noch ausgebaut und Pokémon XY auch......
    Heute bin ich mit dem Einall Dex drann^^

    Ach und lies dir bitte die News durch und schau dir mein selbstgemachtes Animiertes Video an ;)

    Auch den Japanisch Kurs werde ich ausbauen
    da ich jetzt viel viel mehr Japanisch kann wie früher ;)

    PS. Außerdem habe ich auch einen noch für euch "Unbekannten" Riesen Manga Projekt vor, bevor ich das alles aufkläre, werde ich mir einen ordentlichen Webseiten Anbieter aussuchen und dort alles präsentieren. Vorher muss ich alles genauer nachdenken und überprüfen, Storyboard schreiben und viel genauer planen
    Dannach kauf ich mir ein Scanner

    Habe Genügend Bleistifte, Farbstifte und einen Leuchttisch ;)

    LG Plinfa

    LG Plinfa

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    MIYUKI ✰ SUBS (Samstag, 19 Januar 2013 22:55)

    Vielen Dank für deinen lieben Eintrag :3
    Ja, allerdings ist die Seite gerade bei ner Überarbeitung...und das schon ziemlich lange orz... Leider habe ich aber gerade wenig Zeit und daher geht die Überarbeitung eben etwas langsamer BD

    Ich habe mir mal deine Seite angeschaut, deine Zeichnungen sind echt gut oô Dein Landschaftsbild fand ich auf den ersten Blick besonders schön *w*