My commission price list!

♦ I will post an extra text post on my artist page when commissions are open and how many slots. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

- Have your wishes and reference sheets / texts ready! Be ready to pay!!
- You will pay after I finished a sketch of your commission (that you like of course). (Except from sketch commissions, then you have to pay directly.)
- You can only pay via PayPal. (Innerhalb Deutschlands geht auch Notfalls Überweisung.)
- I also have a privacy life and a job / go to college, so it may take a while for me to finish your commission. So please be patient.
- When everything is done, you will get the full Image in HD!!

- I will post the commission drawing (and WIPs) on my artist pages, unless you tell me not to post it!
- You cannot sell the commission or claim it as your own work!!
- The drawing is only for you and your private use! No commercial use! Do not sell it or give it away.
- Feel free to use it as profile picture or header BUT you have to credit me!

♦ I DO:
OCs, Personas, FanArt, Any Gender, Horror/Blood/Gore, Any kind of relationships (BUT only cute stuff - such as kissing, cuddling. No NSFW - Not naked)

♦ I DON'T:
NSFW Porn, Animals, Realism, Mecha /Robots

◊ If you're not sure how much my prices are converted into your currency, you can simply use Google to convert!
Eg search: "40 € (euro) in (your currency)"

Konnichiwa! ♥


Welcome ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Nadi-Chan here, but you can call me Nadi ♥ I'm an digital and traditional artist from Germany! My birthday is the 17th august! Overall I draw a lot of OC art but sometimes I also draw a lot of FanArts! ♥

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