In my free time, I like to work on my own manga projects. Here is a rough overview of all my manga projects. Many manga are also available in printed version. If interested just look in the shop and / or write me!

Original Projects

An ordinary demon with an extraordinary job

Ongoing - Volume 1 Available as print

Ken is an ordinary demon boy in the world of Agaren. He lives a life like everyone else. He has a job, he earns money and he pays his rent ... but he has a very special job, unlike other demons. Thanks to his abilities, he accompanies his clients into other worlds and accompanies them until they reach their goal. One day, a strange demon appears who wants to visit the human world, which can only be visited under certain circumstances, since humans are not aware of the existence of demons.

In the world of humans, Ken is confronted with the truth about the nine worlds of Asagarnon. He finds out, his forster father lied to him and then his client suddenly disappears. Suddenly, everything goes wrong and Ken is lost in the human world.

"Aodwaej" High School Life AU


Written Story

"Ken, an ordinary demon from Agaren travels to Earth to finish his school year and get an graduations. However, he is not the only demon who came to earth to graduate."



"An ordinary demon with an extraordinary job - High School Life" is an extra story that plays in an Alternative Universe. In this Universe, Ken and Lyra haven't meet before, like in the comic. They first meet in the human world on a High School.

A never-ending game!

Completed - Available as print

A new school year awaits Mia and her friends. During the holidays, the train that usually took them to school was replaced by a brand new model that will be put into operation for the very first time. The initial joy doesn't last long as Mia and her friends have to split up as they own tickets for the first class but Mia doesn't. Which means for Mia... she has to travel with the second class alone. But Mia won't let something like that stop her and by coincidence she meets a very special person that will change her life forever...


Completed - Available as print

Reborn as a demon, on behalf of the Devil to gather human souls. Cecile can hardly remember her time as a human being. She only knows that before her time as a demon, she was a normal human girl. Now she works as a demon under the direction of the Devil to gather the souls of humans, who summon demons to use them for their purposes. A contact is closed, a wish expressed, and as soon as it is fulfilled, the demon receives the soul of the human. Since Cecile only recently became a demon, she wasn't summoned once yet. But finally, after some time, she is also summoned for the first time by a human being. But this human is a small, rather meager boy, who seems to have no evil intentions. Or?
What does this boy want in exchange for his soul?

Assassin Boys


As a direct descendant of an Assassin chief, Zeth doesn't have it easy. As soon as he reached the age of eighteen and a new school life at a university begins, he must also dedicate himself to the tradition of his family. He is given the task of killing the descendants of a hostile Assassin family in order to demonstrate his skills and to  provide his own family with more years of power and prestige.

He has no desire for this tradition and he also approaches to the whole thing rather bored. Will he be able to kill his opponent before he kills him?

Who will be the winner?



This is the comic of Shiba-Chan and his friends!


OLD PROJECTS / Fan-Projects

Crycest; Everlasting


Cry likes it to live with himself. This may sound bizarre at first, but corresponds to the pure truth. Because the 18-year old Boy spends the most time of his life with the cloned versions of himself. He can't remember any path of being cloned, but meets in the course of time several of these clones, which are not always friendly. Together with his cloned version “Mad”, he tries to find out the truth about himself and the sense and purpose behind his cloning.


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Cry 'n Mad - Pokemon Adventures!


A little comic Project in which Cry and Mad start their journey as pokemon trainers. Before Cry could get his first pokemon, Mad already found his. A baby lugia. Mad didn't catched it but the lugia is following him and fights for him. So Mad and Cry decided to search for lugias mother, while becoming the very best pokemon trainer!


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The Crycest Family



"The Crycest Family" is an extra Manga / Comic to the main Manga "Crycest; Everlasting".
It plays in an alternate universe, where all Cry clones live (happy?) together in one house.


The whole series consist of several - self-contained - comic parts. None of these comic's has something to do with the main Story of Crycest; Everlasting.


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Not really a Comit but Shimeji is a little desktop buddy that walks around your computer desktop, sits on your programs or climb them. They are fun to watch and I tried to create my own one!