Crycest; Everlasting

(First) Release:

15. May 2014






[R16] Violence/gore (!)

Action, Drama, Mystery, Horror, Shonen Ai, Slice of Life,



Crycest; Everlasting (ENG)

Crycest; Unvergänglich (DEU)

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Cry likes it to live with himself. This may sound bizarre at first, but corresponds to the pure truth. Because the 18-year old Boy spends the most time of his life with the cloned versions of himself. He can't remember any path of being cloned, but meets in the course of time several of these clones, which are not always friendly. Together with his cloned version “Mad”, he tries to find out the truth about himself and the sense and purpose behind his cloning.


Other Informations

Well, this Manga may be called Crycest, but there won't be as much Crycest as you maybe think. I've called it Crycest because many versions of Cry appear in the Story. Of course there will be some Shonen ai scenes like a kiss or cuddeling, but not many. And yaoi? No. Won't be in there. Not a single perverse thing. So the most of the Story is about their live, some action, dramatic things and stuff.


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Volume 1: Chapter 1 - ??? Release Last Update
Chapter 0: Prologue 15. May 2014
14. November 2014
Chapter 1: Pressure 15. May 2014 14. November 2014 COMPLETE
Chapter 2: Listen 5. January 2015 14. April 2015 COMPLETE
Chapter 3: Emotional conflict 12. May 2015 21. July 2015 Canceled