Hichi Nagatsu

Name Hichi Nagatsu
Gender Male
Age 18
Date of Birth 10.10
Year of Creation 2009/2010
Relationships In a Relationship with Yuki Kumoro

Normal-(human)form: Shy, Sensible, Friendly, Gentle, Fearful, Clumsy, Brilliant

Second-(death)form: Reckless, Rebellious, Wicked, Fearless, Dangerous, Aggressive

Height 1,70 m
Eye Color Red
Likes Yuki, Reading, Animals (mostly turtles), Learning, The Human World/Earth
Dislikes Demons, The Other Worlds, Fighting, War, Horror Movies,
Title Reincarnation of Death
Talent/Skills Photographic memory
Weapons/Fighting Style Scythes at his arms and other Scythes (which he can summon), Skeleton of Death (Amaygdala)


Hichi is a calm and shy boy with an ordinary middle class family.

Hichi's mother was japanese while his father was german.
They lived in a small quarter of Yokohama until Hichi's parents died on his fifth birthday.

Shortly thereafter, the Kumoro family from Kanazawa adopted the young Hichi, since Hichi and their daughter, Yuki Kumoro, were already good friends when Hichi still lived in Kanazawa with his family. The Nagatsu and Kumoro family always had a good relationship until the Nagatsu family parents died.

Also Hichi already had a very high IQ and a photographic memory at a young age. The family saw a good future for the boy and decided to adopt him and support and finance him on his educational path.

So Hichi moved to back Kanazawa with the few things he still had and from then on he lived in the rich Kumoro family.

Hichi and Yuki got along very well and spent almost every day together. Hichi mostly wanted to learn to read and read stories in peace, but the cheerful yuki persuaded him to play with her outside in the garden again and again.
They quickly became best friends and they also started to go to the same school together.

However, five years later, Yuki's family died as a result of a raid by an unknown group. The police suspected that the group was interested in the family's wealth, however, the raid went wrong and the group killed the family as a result of the failure.
Nothing was stolen and only Hichi and Yuki survived.

Yuki inherited the money of her family and decided to move with Hichi into a small house nearby, as they wouldn't be able to finance the big family house for long.

Since that event, eight years have passed and Yuki and Hichi have been living alone in a small house in Kanazawa, which is not far from their highschool.
The inherited family money was slowly running out, which is why Yuki works in her free time as a waitress.
Hichi also wanted to find a part-time job to support Yuki, but he has difficulties finding a suitable part-time job.


Yuki and Hichi are in their final year of apprenticeship at their school in Kanazawa.

Hichi generally concentrates a lot on learning and in his spare time he always tries to prepare learning sheets for Yuki, since she works in her free time to earn money for the house and food. Yuki is generally very lazy, which is why Hichi always tries to make things as simple as possible for her.

Hichi's grades in school are excellent, but Hichi usually still has the feeling that he isn't learning enough.



After the dragon Shadow comes into the human world and wants to take Yuki into the shadow world, Hichi's notes drop abrupt in school because he doesn't want to let Yuki go alone.
It takes some time of persuasion, but in the end, Hichi accompanies Yuki into the shadow world.

Once there, Yuki immediately learns to control her magical abilities. She is being prepared for her future throne of shadows and the great war, while Hichi is usually doing nothing.

In the beginning, Hichi still tries to learn more for school in the shadow world and continues to create learning sheets for Yuki, until he realizes that he and Yuki will probably not return so soon to the human world.

After a few weeks in the other world, Yuki, Hichi and Shadow want to participate in the death ritual.

This takes place annually, with the purpose of finding the reincarnation of death.
Only through the ritual can the forces of death be activated in the reincarnation of death, and the person carrying these powers can be found this way.
For the first 20 years this ritual takes place in the shadow world, in the next 20 years it would take place in the human world.

On behalf of the reincarnation of life, Fait, death shall be located and killed.

On their way to the death ritual, the ritual had already begun and Hichi suddenly had difficulty breathing after a while. He had cramps all over his body and clung to his sweater. Red marks appeared on his skin and his eyes discolored.

For shadow a clear sign, Hichi is the reincarnation of death.
At the command of his master Yuki, they hid Hichi in a nearby empty house.
There they tried to keep Hichi under control until the ritual was over.

Unfortunate, of course, followers of the ritual searched everywhere for the reincarnation of death during the ritual. They searched all the houses, including the house in which Hichi was.

In order to avoid that the followers would find Hichi, they invented a scene, on which Hichi lay on the bed and yuki was above him.
When the followers stormed the house and found the two of them, they disappeared immediately out of embarrassment.
For now, Hichi was safe, yet he suffered greatly from the pain.

After the ritual Hichi lost consciousness and was first catered by Yuki.

From that day on, Hichi's life changed forever.


Human form

In his human form, Hichi is a calm and shy boy. He likes to read books and since he has a photographic memory, it's very easy for him to remember stuff.  He is quickly embarrassed and avoids social contact with strangers.

Later when he and Yuki become a couple, mostly Yuki kisses him since he is too shy.
Yuki was also the one, who kissed him first, when they had their first kiss.



Second form / Death form

Hichi can't control himself in his second form (also called death form).

In the first stage of his death form red marks appear on his body and his eyes and expression change.
He has such a strong Aura, that it's hard for some people to stand on their legs.

In his second stage of his death form, scythes grow out of his arms.
Most people collapse under the strong pressure of his aura and also the ground begins to crumble.

He can also summon other scythes, no matter where (ground or air) and he can also summon parts of Amygdala (also called the skeleton of death. It's a very big skeleton, covered in muscles and blood).

Since he can't control himself in his death form, he often hurts his friends, even when he only want's to protect them. Once he almost killed Yuki.

Only Yuki can calm him down and bring him back to his normal human form. Mostly hugs or kisses bring him back to normal. In bad chases, she gets stabbed by Hichi.

All these situations made Hichi mentally unstable.
He easily switches, unwilling, in his death form.

Mostly emotions such as anger and fear can bring him into his death form.
Or when his friends, mostly Yuki, are in danger.

When he is hurt, his injuries heal within seconds. Bigger injuries begin to smoke to heal. He can grow back whole limbs of his body, when they were cut off.

Random facts

  • After highschool he would like to do a bachelor degree course in astrology.
  • Hichi has a 3-year-old turtle called Calvin, which he usually runs around freely when he learns.
  • Theme song: https://youtu.be/KQXEt1JNUhE


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