Name Hina
Gender Female
Age 19
Date of Birth 27.03
Year of Creation 2017
Relationships Best Friends with Liang
Personality Loving, Caring, Proud, Reeckless, Stubborn, Fun-Loving
Height 1,78 m
Eye Color Red and Turquoise
Likes Fire, Fighting, Flying, Eating, Sushi, Tea
Dislikes Humans, Rain, Water, Animals
Weapons/Fighting Style Controlling Fire / Fire Magic
Charakter Design made by  Dzed_Muffin


Hina volunteers at an orphanage in her village and looks after the orphans living there every day. She feels very connected to them, as she once lived in a orphanage with her friend Liang.

Hina is a very mature and proud personage, but in some moments her childish side comes out again. Especially if she flies.
In fighting she becomes very serious and aggressive, but is also very careful and sometimes tactical.



Name Liang
Gender Male
Age 20
Date of Birth 04.09
Year of Creation 2015
Relationships Best Friends with Hina
Personality Calm, Patient, Mature, Helpful, Strict
Height 1,80 m
Eye Color Brown and Yellow
Likes Hina, Animals, Summer, Water, Swimming
Dislikes Thieves, Guns, War
Occupation Police Officer
Weapons/Fighting Style Controlling Earth / Earth Magic
Character Design made by Misheru

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