Name Hina
Gender Female
Age 19
Date of Birth 27.03
Year of Creation 2017
Relationships Best Friends with Liang
Personality Loving, Caring, Proud, Reeckless, Stubborn, Fun-Loving
Height 1,78 m
Eye Color Red and Turquoise
Likes Fire, Fighting, Flying, Eating, Sushi, Tea
Dislikes Humans, Rain, Water, Animals
Occupation /
Talent/Skills /
Weapons/Fighting Style Controlling Fire / Fire Magic
Charakter Design made by  Dzed_Muffin



Name Liang
Gender Male
Age 20
Date of Birth 04.09
Year of Creation 2015
Relationships Best Friends with Hina
Personality Calm, Patient, Mature, Helpful, Strict
Height 1,80 m
Eye Color Brown and Yellow
Likes Hina, Animals, Summer, Water, Swimming
Dislikes Thieves, Guns, War
Occupation Police Officer
Talent/Skills /
Weapons/Fighting Style Controlling Earth / Earth Magic
Character Design made by Misheru