Name Xaveria
Gender Female
Age 17
Date of Birth 10.14
Year of Creation 2015
Relationships /

Loyal, Mature, Kindly, Calm, Dangerous, Daring, Can be violent

Height 1,67 m
Eye Color Green and Pink
Likes Fieldwork Animals, Shopping, Dragons
Dislikes Demons, Big Cities
Occupation Fieldworker
Talent/Skills Magic, Telekinesis
Weapons/Fighting Style Magic, Fists


Xaveria is the daughter of a male demon and a female angel. Since angels and demons are fighting each other for centuries, it's forbidden for both sides to meet the other species. However, the male demon prince and the female angel princess were deeply in love and so they broke this rule so see each other. A few years later, they gave birth to Xaveria. Since her parent's are both different species, Xaveria was born as a mix between angel and demon. She has the angel wings of her mother with the color of her fathers wings. She also got her fathers horns and her mothers magic. Since mixed breeds have no place where they belong to, Xaveria was bullied a lot.


Anyway, she was raised by an old demon grandpa, who once lost his daugther in war. (He doesn't care about the species of a person. Just as the whole little village he lives in.) The old grandpa was very good friends with the demon prince and the angel princess and that's why they gave Xaveria to him since both knew they would be killed soon since they broke the rules of the world. So Xaveria grew up on a little farm (outside of the demon kingdom) with the old grandpa.


Konnichiwa! ♥


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