Character Sheet:

Name: Yuki Kumoro
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 01.01
Year of Creation: 2009/2010
Relationships: In a Relationship with Hichi Nagatsu
Personality: Carefree, Cheerful, Clumsy, Self-confident, Helpful, Proud, Brave, Energetic
Height: 1,67 cm
Eye Color: Blue (Red)
Likes: Hichi, Sports, Fighting, Food, TV, Japan, Dragons
Dislikes: School, Learning, Cats, Rain, Thunder
Title: Queen of Shadows
Weapons/Fighting style: Magic, Katana



Yuki was also born as a normal human, but she is actually the queen of shadows and a demon. She is very carefree and sometimes clumsy. But she is also very self-confident and brave. She likes to fight and train together with her dragon Shadow. She doesn't really like earth that much anymore, because of school and learning.

She mostly fights with her Katana or fire magic.


She always cared about Hichi and so she was always worried about him. She tried to protect him, whenever it was possible for her.

Compared to Hichi, Yuki can control her demonform and her personality doesn't change much. When Hichi loses control, she always tries to calm him down and bring him back to normal.



► Name: Shadow
► Gender: Male
► Year of Creation: 2009/2010
► Personality: Arrogant, Brilliant, Calm, Leader, Loyal, Mature, Proud
► Height: Probably around 5 m but he can change his size
► Likes: Yuki, Fighting, Flying
► Dislikes: Hichi, Humans, War

Shadow is Yuki's companion and friend. He and Yuki are best friends, even when they are pretty different. He likes to train fighting and magic with Yuki.

His Relationship to Hichi isn't the best. He doesn't like Hichi much, since he is pretty weak and he has no interest in joining a war or training. But, Shadow is actually scared of Hichi's second form and mostly tries to avoid him in this form.

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