Yumi Fuchowa

Name Yumi und Yuni (Yuni's real name is Masuyo [益世]: Japanese name meaning "benefit the world”. Since Yuni couldn't remember her real name, Yumi gave her the name “Yuni”)
Gender Female
Age 18
Date of Birth Yumi: 16.02
Yuni: 06.06
Year of Creation 2013
Relationships In a Relationship with Alain

Yumi: Shy, Happy, Helpful, Clumsy, Calm

Yuni: Stuborn, Curious, Sometimes Calm, Aggressive

Height 1,54 m
Eye Color

Yumi: Red 

Yuni: Red and Yellow


Yumi: Reading and writing books, Sushi, Summer, Birds

Yuni: Fighting, Learning new magic tricks, Sleeping, Clouds


Yumi: Thunder, Rain, War, Fighting

Yuni: Thunder, Rain, Music, Humans

Title Connection between the worlds
Talent/Skills Yumi: Sewing and Healing
Yuni: Learns fast
Weapons/Fighting Style

Yumi: /

Yuni: Katana and Magic


Yumi was born as a normal Human. Her father was a professor and explorer of other dimensions. One day, actually one day before Yumi was born, he traveled into antoher world. The world he found was dreary, no one seemed to live there. It looked like there was a war going on since everything was  destroyed. After a while running around he found Yuni (Masuyo). She still was a baby and she was hurt badly, too weak to continue living on her own. So he took Yuni to the normal world and decided to transplant Yuni into Yumi's body, so she could continue living and so he also could gather new informations about the other world. (He transplated Yuni's eye into Yumi's) The transplantation was a success and from that moment Yumi and Yuni started to share the same body.


18 Years later and Yumi and Yuni still share the same body. Yuni, which was called Masuyo in her homeworld, is actually the princess of the world she came from.

She can use magic and she often takes over Yumi's body. Because Yuni was now 18 years in Yumi's body, and Yuni's "magic skills" affected Yumi's body, Yumi also developed magic skills with the time. Because she didn't developed much magic skills, she only could create magic protection, heal magic and she has one angel wing.



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